Golf Is Not Always Fair So Learn How To Control Your Emotions

The sense when something goes against some golfers, bad bounces, putts lipping out that they feel, sudden freak gust of wind, is misplaced emotion. This “unjust, awful fortune, unfair” thinking is just going to result in one matter, really unhelpful emotions.

Golf Is Not Always Fair So Learn How To Control Your Emotions

Please understand the chain of events properly. You have an emotional reaction and do not experience something, it only feels that way. What really happens is this: something occurs, interference or some bad luck beyond your control. You then THINK about what has just occurred (and this sometimes happens automatically and in a split second) and depending how you interpret the events, you afterward experience emotions in harmony with your idea process.

If your ideas are not slightly positive then you are going to have mildly negative emotions, perhaps just a feeling of annoyance. If you interpret the occasions quite negatively your emotions are going to be really angry, considerably more powerful and even entire rage, club!

It’s like lots of western medicine, treating the symptom without healing what’s causing the issue in the first place.

You may develop a head ache if you get dehydrated. You when the pain killers wear off your headache will return and take some pain killer pills which cover the head ache up but you are dehydrated. This is currently treating the symptom as opposed to eliminating the cause. The REMEDY that is real is to drink water and re-hydrate.